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Learn how to value yourself

Success coach, Ewa Pietrzak, who was mentored by Bob Proctor of The Secret, tells JANE McNAMARA about her upcoming Cork workshop

Makeovers, styling and cosmetic surgery can greatly enhance the appearance of any woman but while surface improvements are hugely beneficial, “the real secret to feeling fantastic is deep in the foundations of our being. It’s our ‘self’ image.” So says Ewa Pietrazk, a success coach who returns to Cork, onJune 23, at The Kingsley Hotel, to deliver a workshop entitled ‘How to Become a Confident Woman’. Ewa, who is originally from Poland, moved to Ireland 11 years ago. “I graduated as a teacher in Poland and tossed a coin with some friends on where to go on holiday, we were looking for adventure, and we ended up moving to Dublin.”

Once in the Irish capital, Ewa worked in finance. She says she struggled with public speaking from a young age and desperately wanted to overcome this fear. “My fear led me to researching psychology and, eventually, watching The Secret, a self-help film. I saw it in 2006 and it really resonated with me. “Then, three years ago I went to a course which really helped me to speak in public. I found that what was creating my fear of public speaking was the power of my mind and how powerful my self sabotaging beliefs were. “That was pretty much the beginning of me turning over my confidence level, to the point where I started coaching on a voluntary basis. “I was 30 at this stage — everything happened in my 30s! And I began to understand that my desire to speak in public was because I was meant to help people create the life they love.”

Delving deeper into the area of self-development, Ewa says it became clear she was not happy working in finance. “I worked in a corporate environment for about nine years. I was good at finance but it was not fulfilling; I wasn’t happy.” Then came an opportunity to work with Bob Proctor, a leading success coach and one of the key figures in The Secret. “At the beginning of 2014 I had made a decision to do what I really wanted to do in life; help people create the life they would love and achieve their goals. “I was subscribed to Bob’s mailing list for a long time and all the time doing smaller programmes. “My confidence was still quite low and I never thought I would be able to actually work with him simply because he is one of the top people in the world in personal development. “But it was within that week that I received an email saying Bob was training his consultants and that was a light bulb moment; this was my opportunity.

“That opportunity cost me quite a lot. It was a big decision. But at the same time I intuitively knew it was my chance. It was $20,000 just for the online training for one year. And even though out of 500 consultants only maybe 100 actually succeed, it was enough for me. I went for it and decided to invest in myself. “I also decided to not only study online but to meet with Bob. I flew to Toronto every quarter and trained with him for a week every time. I didn’t know where the money or time would come from but I have been training with Bob every since.” Ewa left her finance job and went full time with her business in 2015. “I use Bob’s material with people I am coaching now; I became a product of the product. I am so passionate about what this can do for people.”

Ewa says most of her clients are women. “I have worked with over 70 people and what I have realised is the importance of confidence and having a healthy image and appreciation of who you are. “If we don’t have that we don’t know where to go in life or what career to choose. “We end up in relationships that don’t work for us or we end up not being able to ask for what what we need in the relationships we have. We are not assertive. “We let other people walk over us. This is all very important when it comes to our fitness level, to our love life. It affects how we are going to be treated. “If you don’t love yourself you are attracting partners that probably don’t appreciate you or you are not attracting partners.”

In this (Cork) workshop women will learn a lot about themselves. They will learn how they perceive themselves. We don’t understand that what we think about ourselves is not true. It is often coming from our childhood and these preconceived ideas are limiting us. “We will also look at building confidence. We will work on changing our self-image, creating healthy beliefs about who we are and boosting our confidence. This all has a huge impact on career, finances, business, love life and fitness. “The outcome will be these women will learn the tools to get a healthy appreciation of themselves and learn how to be assertive in a non critical way, be it in personal life or in business.”

‘How to Become a Confident Woman’ runs from 10am to 5.30pm at The Kingsley Hotel, on Saturday June 23 and costs €100. To book or for more information see https://abundantresults.leadpages.co/confident-woman-cork- 23-july-2016/

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