Success Stories

I’ve been in sales since 2008 and I was used to working hard and pushing for things to happen. I was averaging about €6,000 in sales per month and in 6 months of doing Thinking Into Results I’ve earned €207,000 in commissioned sales! I also live in the home I dreamt of and I’m starting my own business.


Sales & Entrepreneurship

I used to self sabotage my success and now I know I’m more than enough to push through my fears and achieve what I want. Thinking Into Results is like holding a winning lottery ticket. I used to try organising inspirational events and now I did it. If you have a dream and you push through what you’re scared of, you can accomplish so much.


Mom & Business Owner

Thinking Into Results has changed my life completely. I’ve created my dream – a fitness centre in Poland and I’ve found happiness and excitement inside. I’m 100% sure if I didn’t do Thinking Into Results I’d be in the same money situation, same country and same relationship. I did lots of courses before and haven’t achieved much. This changes your paradigm and your results permanently.


Mom & Fitnes Center Owner

Before the course I wasn’t really making the money that I wanted and I wasn’t able to save anything. I wanted better income and my business to be successful and … a new car. In 6 months of Thinking Into Results I … got married (which I wasn’t expecting). My business doubled in size, I’ve raised my prices and got more clients, my income quadrupled and I got myself a new fancy jeep.


Healer, massage therapist and paddle boarding instructor

I used to be in prison of my own mind, I had a great job, money, friends but not fulfilling my dream. I dreamt of skiing and worked in finance full time. Now I’m moving country to be a professional ski instructor full time! Our dreams don’t have expiry date but our lives do.


Healer, massage therapist and paddle boarding instructor, Ski instructor, music band manager

We were going through a really hard time financially before the course. We used to work day jobs to simply pay our bills. We had dreams and ideas but weren’t sure how to get things moving. We lacked focus and direction. (Eric) I’ve quit my day job and have been attracting very significant acting jobs and quality clients for my business and I’m flying to Vegas next month which was unexpected. This should be taught at schools!

Eric & Heloisa

Actor, personal trainer, network marketer (Eric) & Entrepreneur (Heloisa)


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