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Having a mentor or a coach is a gift to yourself and the best investment you can make. We can work through our challenges slowly or make a quantum leap in effectiveness by using a helping hand of someone that lives it already. With the right tools and accountability, you can learn how to achieve your goals. Anything you desire can be yours. Give yourself this gift and live the life of fulfilment you were meant to live!


Tell me what you want and I’ll show you simple tools how to make it your reality. Allow yourself to receive support, guidance and accountability of someone that walks the talk and will ensure you succeed. Explore several coaching options and see what suits you and your needs. Life is so short and with the right mentorship it can be such a magnificent experience!


Explore a wide range of events, workshops and keynote speaking where you can meet Ewa and experience her guidance and support live. Our events provide fun, interactive experience where you can learn how to tap into your infinite potential, learn the tools of most successful people in the world and become one of them. You truly can.


Choose from a selection of programs delivered by Ewa, her team and Bob Proctor himself. Bring tools and tips of the most successful people in the world home and watch your results transforming! Your life will become better and better every day!


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