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Ewa Pietrzak is a success coach, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses fulfill their potential and achieve extraordinary results. Certified by Bob Proctor (The Secret) and the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Ewa is one of the top consultants worldwide running the ‘Thinking Into Results’ system. Originally from Poland, Ewa now lives in Dublin, Ireland and works with clients all over the world to get what they want in life.

She believes everyone has infinite potential and we owe it to ourselves to learn how to use our mind to create success both personally and professionally.

Regardless where we start, with proven tools and guidance we can achieve anything we desire.

Successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly, if ever.
– Napoleon Hill

Background & Inspiration

“Training as an English teacher, I was terrified to stand in front of people so changed track and qualified as an accountant. I worked in the corporate finance sector for eight years in Dublin where I honed my business skills and became very proficient in the area, but for some reason felt unfulfilled when I got there.

Having battled with an overwhelming fear of public speaking and presentations in college and later at work, I decided one day to look into ways of overcoming this and this decision ultimately led me down a long path of personal discovery from an early age.

I read books, did courses, attended seminars and basically spent fifteen years studying what makes us who we are, achieve the results we get and how to unleash our potential and live the life we love. I studied in Poland, Ireland, UK, online and Canada and I have learned how to utilise the power of our mind and create a fulfilling life.

When I came across Bob Proctor’s teachings I was in awe of this older wiser man who shared great wisdom and had extraordinary public speaking skills. At this stage I too believed in the infinite nature of human potential and Bob is the international renowned expert in teaching people how to materialize potential both personally and professionally.

I had to meet him, and I had to learn more about the science of goal achievement. The rest is history as they say because that was it for me, I signed up for personal training and mentoring by Bob and studied under him for a year until I qualified as a ‘Thinking Into Results’ consultant. I still travel to Canada every quarter for weekly trainings with Bob, his business partner, Sandy Gallagher and hundreds of consultants coming from all over the world.

I love my work now. I love helping people to realize their full potential and shed their fears and worries of the past.
And did I mention that I love public speaking and am regularly hosting seminars, doing media interviews and giving keynote speeches.”

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