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Confidence Accelerator

Build a belief in you that moves mountains & create the life you’ve always wanted

Are you driven & hard working but not 100% fulfilled in your career or business? You feel there’s something more for you but can’t put your finger on what it is?

If you have your own business, are you afraid to call and follow up for fear of what others say or making mistakes?

Have you experienced a highly emotional event in your life – maybe loss of a loved one, bad break up or financial loss & all of a sudden stopped believing in you?

Are you afraid of putting yourself out there: whether that’s public speaking or online presence?

Do you see others out there being successful & you have these nagging thoughts that ‘they can but I can’t’? Do you compare yourself with other?

Do you hear that Inner Voice in your mind saying ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘others are better than me’, second guessing & sabotaging you daily?

I can totally relate…

Not that long ago I was working in finance, in corporate, pensionable job. I was good at what I did, even came 1st & 2nd in Ireland in my finance exams but I didn’t love what I did. I was battling fears of speaking & reading in public for 15 years, trying all sorts of methods and nothing worked. I was petrified to even share few words about me at professional training in front of my peers or my boss. On the outside it looked like I had it all – secure, well paid job, renting beautiful apartment in central Dublin. But, deep down I felt truly dissatisfied… I felt I was meant for more and craved fulfilment across all areas of life!

I decided to invest in quality mentorship and my life changed forever..

Within 1st 3 months, I stood on stage in front of 70 people, with no trace of fear!

For the first time in my life I felt I could move mountains..

Then I’ve replaced my corporate income with international coaching business helping 1000s fulfil themselves within just 6 months

I’ve become one of the very top in my field, doing what I love, living high 6 Figures lifestyle and I never settled again!

Now, it is my joy and honour to help YOU do the same.

Here’s the thing:

You were made for more, and you know it…

You don’t need to spend the rest of your life second guessing your decisions, playing it small.

There is nothing different about those super successful you see online or at top of the game in your field creating their dream lives, and you. The only reason they’re out there building their life by design while you feel stuck in your current reality is:

They have a different level of confidence and self worth!

No matter where you are, you can build a huge belief in you!

See, I’ve learnt over the years that confidence is an inside job. It’s those deep rooted thoughts you have that state who you are, what you’re capable of & how much you’re worth. And all of these are not created by accident. When you grow up surrounded by praise, you grow up confident. But if you have at least one person in your childhood or teen years who criticized you or demanded highly of you, you probably have that ‘Internal Critic’ inside which keeps telling you that you’re not good enough, others are better than you & places a lid on you in each area of life. Once you shift the internal, emotional self talk, you throw away the lid & finally, you see the real you, capable to move mountains & achieve what earlier was nearly impossible!

You learn how to identify the career path that fulfils you


You stop comparing yourself with others


You excel in your business, finally not worrying about rejection or failure


You become quick & empowered decision maker always knowing what’s best for you


AND you see major shifts in each area of your life – love, finances, career, just to name a few…

I’ve gone through many years to create this shift for myself and now I’ve created a Proven Process that You Can Use to become the Confident You!


Confidence Accelerator

The roadmap to take you from questioning what you’re capable of to designing the life exactly the way you want!

This 5 module program includes both practical tools & support system you need to, eradicate negative self talk, develop unbreakable belief in you and rediscover your dreams

The Program Includes:


Online Access to 5 comprehensive modules with video + worksheet


Lifetime Access to the material

Bonus Access to our Special Training Calls:


Discover your perfect career path & learn to speak in public with ease


Attract your Soulmate


How to design multiple streams of income

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Module 1: What is self image & how to change it

Discover the most powerful concept in building Self Esteem, how it impacts your life and what to do to change it

Module 2: Eliminate your inner critic

Learn to eliminate the Inner Voice which tells you that you’re not good enough, compares you with others, second guesses your decisions

Module 3: Self love & acceptance

Learn how to create deep feeling of love, acceptance & deserving for you and your results

Module 4: Become New You - self image script

Become the person who’s achieved your desired goals or changes you wish to make

Module 5: Who you are & what you are capable of

Learn how to use the power of your mind to create the results you desire

Bonus Content:

  • Bonus 1:  Discover your perfect career path & learn to speak in public with ease
  • Bonus 2:  How to attract your soulmate
  • Bonus 3:  How to design multiple streams of income

About Ewa Pietrzak

Ewa Pietrzak is a world-renowned thought leader on self development and a top consultant of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, working closely with her mentor Bob Proctor.

Through her popular digital courses, highly engaged presentations and outstanding mentorship, she empowers others to step into their confidence and create the dream life they deserve.

She believes everyone has infinite potential and we owe it to ourselves to learn how to use our mind to create success both personally and professionally.

Regardless where we start, with proven tools and guidance we can achieve anything we desire.

Ewa’s programs are unlike others in the market. She combines mindset techniques and teaches the application based on her own experience to achieve lasting results for her clients.

Five years later, Abundant Results Coaching is a recognized global brand with over a million Euros in sales helping 100s of clients worldwide. She not only pours into her online community but also has recently sponsored a village in the developing world to continue sharing her work with those in need.



From employee in Dublin Spa dreaming of her own business, to full blown entrepreneur & multiple award winner


From office assistant to setting up her own passion based international business


From high emotional impact of her previous business ceasing to discovering her purpose in beauty & healing

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