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Do you ever find yourself looking at top performers in your industry, wondering what does she do that makes it look so easy?

You’ve reached certain level in your business, you do what you enjoy doing, maybe making an impact already…

But, you hustled to get here. You’ve put in the work & know what it takes so the thought of how hard it must be to reach those 10K and 20k months scares you

It’s not that you’re afraid of hard work but you started out on this path for both enjoying what you do AND time freedom to spend with those you love, getting massage or walk in the park, and you feel like that’s so far out of your current reach…

I know this because I’ve been there too & I hear this all the time from the clients who come to me…


It keeps you awake at night thinking, you can’t take any more actions than you’re taking. You want to go to that next level of €10K+ months, to enjoy more luxury & comfort but … not at this cost.

You look at others at top of their game, earning 6 or 7 figures & you wonder what they have that you don’t? It seems to be so easy for them and if you think to go to next level, the only solutions that come to mind are working harder.

What if it didn’t have to be that hard? What if you could have it all: the wildly successful business, the 6 or 7 figure income to match it, without sacrificing your lifestyle, and most importantly without the burnout.

I used to be where you’re at but thanks to Thinking Into Results, and the world wide leader, Bob Proctor, my entire life changed.

I remember the day as if it was yesterday when I went into my coaching business full time, I was earning €3k per month overworking, I loved what I was doing but deeply craved more ease & joy around earning money & receiving clients …

Within 2 years using simple mindset shifts & strategies, from my mentor, Bob Proctor & other multimillionaires, I’ve scrapped at least 30% of my working time per week, replaced ‘being busy’ with doing what works, and went from €50k per year to €50k per month!

I can now truly say I’m running a fulfilling business, where not only I’m making an impact doing what I love, helping clients do the impossible but also I get to live the life I love, fly 1st class, have time for walks in the park, massages, weekends away with my fiancé…I have time to enjoy the fruit of my work.

And I want this all for you too.

You have a mission to make an impact with your work 
You deserve to earn well & live in luxury as well as helping others! 

Introducing Thinking Into Results Program

Where could you be 24 weeks from now?

I had a client Helen tell me she wished she found me 20 years ago, that this is it. There is nothing after Thinking Into Results, this is what you need. You need to live your life in fulfilment.

The Details


Create fast results

As soon as you engage your mind at both levels of consciousness your mind will start absorbing & responding (we work with you on this).


Strategic Repetition

Over the next 24 weeks you will learn and im- plement the power of repetition. You quickly will form habits, that lead you to life long abundance & prosperity.


Lifelong Application

You will permanently possess the power to achieve anything you truly desires, in any area of your life.


What’s Included in Thinking Into Results Mentorship


Lifetime access to Thinking Into Results digital program

  • Your own digital textbook
  • Worksheets to help expand and challenge you to apply what you have learned
  • MP3 & Videos to help guide you along the way to the path of success

Live Group Mentoring Sessions

  • Live Group Mentorship Sessions with me – 60/90 minutes each week to give you the support, encouragement, and answers

Online Community Access

  • 6 month access to an online community with others studying the program. Creating your own circle of influence helping you achieve your goals




  • Mastermind (brainstorm) sessions with others having similar goal to yours

“Most people are not going after what they want. Even some of the most serious goal seekers and goal setters, they’re going after what they think they can get”

Bob Proctor

It’s my mission to help you step into your power and feel invincible, manifesting your dreams like never before.


So my next question is… if you keep doing exactly what you are doing right now where will you be in six months?

You deserve to be here it’s time you stopped playing small and created the life of your dreams!

Our Thinking Into Results Packages

About Ewa

Ewa Pietrzak is a success coach, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses fulfill their potential and achieve extraordinary results. 

She  is certified by Bob Proctor (The Secret) and the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Ewa is one of the top consultants worldwide running her signature mentorship program paired with Thinking Into Results. Ewa is originally from Poland, now lives in Dublin, Ireland.

She lives there with her finance and if you have followed Ewa you would know that she manifested her dream partner using the power of her mind! She works with clients internationally to help them achieve new levels of success while working smarter not harder.

She believes everyone has infinite potential and we owe it to ourselves to learn how to use our mind to create suc- cess both personally and professionally.

Regardless where we start, with proven tools and guidance we can achieve anything we desire

‘I wanted more, more income, to treat myself & my family but I didn’t want to work any more hours… within 2 years, with Ewa’s help, I’ve multiplied my income 8 times AND I’ve reduced my working hours by 25%! Now I can spend my evenings with my family & I know I’ll still earn what I want’


Financial Advisor

‘I was overworked & underpaid, I had to take on clients I sometimes didn’t resonate with but I thought I had to take them on cause there were no other… within 1 year, I’ve gone from charging €400 to €4000 for my coaching packages, I now choose the clients I work with AND I have more time to spend with my son’



‘I thought there was something wrong with me cause I’ve studied Bob Proctor’s work for so long and yet my income wasn’t moving… within just few months working with Ewa, I’ve earned equivalent of past year’s sales in just 3 months! Clients are now coming to me rather than me chasing them!)’


Direct Sales

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