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Sharen Ledwith You Were Born Rich


Every Tuesday 8:30-9:30pm GMT for 12 weeks!

STARTING 11th October 2016 8:00pm GMT

3 Months You Were Born Rich Book Study and mastermind facilitated by Sharen Ledwith, Thinking Into Results Graduate

Learn how to create financial mindset that will increase your income on the basis of Bob Proctor’s bestseller ‘You Were Born Rich’

Sharen is a healer, massage therapist, a successful business owner and a mother. She’s been studying Bob Proctor’s materials for close to one year and fulfilling her personal and professional goals on a daily basis. She’s passionate about healing and sharing Bob’s knowledge helping others live the life they desire.

If you desire to:

  • Increase your income & stop the money struggle
  • Create a financial mindset that will attract more income and opportunities to you
  • Change limiting beliefs & habits around money and allow it to flow to you
  • Learn Universal Laws (Law of Attraction & more) in practical application
  • Tap into awareness of a top success & multiple streams of income teacher in the world, Bob Proctor
  • Unleash potential within you and start creating the life you’re meant to live


Sharen Ledwith
Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results Graduate

Tap into your infinite potential and attract more money now!

Don’t just take my word for it!

‘You Were Born Rich Webinar was a wonderful journey increasing my awareness and learning to attract what I desire and what I want to change and introduce in my life.
YWBR webinar will give you a practical toolkit to open your mind for prosperity and wealth.’


Certified Silva Method Instructor, Life Coach, Trainer

‘I’m truly glad that I decided to take part in webinar ‘You were born Rich’. It was amazing journey, and week by week I felt like I discovered new meanings of life. It helped me to gain confidence, develop my creativity, and believe in great power within me. I would recommend this webinar to everyone who has interest in the topic of our human potential and money. Great opportunity to raise awareness and meet fantastic people.’  


‘I took part in You Were Born Rich webinars at the end of the year. I must say that is one of the best decisions I made at the time. It prepared me mentally to thinking big for next business year.  I am a business owner so setting plans and achieving them is my every day life. Creating visions and recognising my own self-limiting beliefs allowed me to start to unleash even more potential and create more ideas for earning money. I would definitely recommend webinars to people who feel that they have more potential than they are currently using and to those who are embarrassed or ashamed of talking about money. You will never be again. ‘

Trainer & Business Owner

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get

You Were Born Rich Book1

  • 3 months of weekly webinars run by Sharen Ledwith, a graduate of Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results process, walking you though all principles discussed in the book and helping you apply these into your life and attract more money
  • Webinar recordings if you ever miss a session
  • You Were Born Rich book in pdf and mp3
  • Coaching, guidance and support
  • Interaction with other like minded individuals

Would you like to join me in this amazing journey?

Get This Course Now For Only €100 per month over 3 months!

Looking forward to speaking to you at our webinars and supporting you with creating abundance in 2016!

Thank you,

Sharen Ledwith


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