Lead The Field

Congratulations on looking into Lead the Field – Bob Proctor’s no. 1 recommendation for TIR graduates to go to next level!

Study exactly what Bob Proctor studied that helped 40+ times his income and life using the methods taught in this very program.

Benefits of LTF mentorship program:


Study what Bob studied when he went from $4K per year to $175K in one year – multiplied his income 40+ times!


Multiply your awareness of earning money creating  multiple streams of income


Bring your business leader mindset & strategies to a whole new level


Learn to multiply your income & sales with higher level thinking & ideas while working with less effort than ever


Receive deep dive into Universal Laws & manifest quicker, with more ease

What’s Included



12 modules & teaching sessions to increase your income with less effort & sharpen your entrepreneurial habits


Weekly Q&A Calls – with two times to choose from each week to get your questions answered and achieve the results you desire.


Weekly group accountability calls – with my assistant, Aga, to make sure you are on track with the program and with your goals.


Optional morning study calls – to help you build discipline in daily study & actions towards growing your income.



What our clients say:


Became top sales person among 20 affiliate companies & 45,000 reps in her MLM property business.


From one foot in employment & one foot in his coffee business after TIR, to €100K & full blown entrepreneur.


From setting up her own Shopify business while in TIR, to becoming true entrepreneur in her mind & her habits


Moved her entire yoga business online during Covid

If you truly can’t wait to multiply your income quicker than ever AND with less effort, click below & join us!

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