Thinking Into Results

Business Mentorship

It’s time to uplevel with less hustle

To scale to 6 or even 7 Figures
To stop sacrificing your time & freedom
To work smarter not harder

Thinking Into Results

Business Mentor

It’s time to uplevel with less hustle

To scale to 6 or even 7 Figures
To stop sacrificing your time & freedom
To work smarter not harder

Do you ever find yourself looking at top performers in your industry, wondering what does she do that makes it look so easy?

You’ve reached certain level in your business, you do what you enjoy doing, maybe making an impact already…
But, you hustled to get here. You’ve put in the work & know what it takes so the thought of how hard it must be to reach those 20K and 50k months scares you

It’s not that you’re afraid of hard work but you started out on this path for both enjoying what you do AND time freedom to spend with those you love, getting massage or walk in the park, and you feel like that’s so far out of your current reach…

I know this because I’ve been there too…

 …& I hear this all the time from the clients who come to me…

It keeps you awake at night thinking, you can’t take any more actions than you’re taking. You want to go to that next level of €20K+ months, to enjoy more luxury & comfort but … not at this cost.

You look at others at top of their game, earning 6 or 7 figures & you wonder what they have that you don’t? It seems to be so easy for them and if you think to go to next level, the only solutions that come to mind are working harder.

What if it didn’t have to be that hard? What if you could have it all: the wildly successful business, the 6 or 7 figure income to match it, without sacrificing your lifestyle, and most importantly without the burnout.

 I used to be where you’re at but thanks to mindset & business mentorship with Bob Proctor & other top industry leaders my entire life changed.

I remember when I started my coaching business, I felt like I won a lottery! I was able to do what I love, daily helping others fulfil their dreams…

But within 1st year into the business, I felt stuck. No matter how hard I worked I just couldn’t break through €5K per month. And I felt severely overworked.

Within 2 years using simple mindset shifts & strategies, from my mentor, Bob Proctor & other multimillionaires, I’ve scrapped at least 25% of my working hours, replaced ‘being busy’ with doing what works, and went from €50k per year to €50k per month! And today I’m happily making multi 7 Figures.

I can now truly say I’m running a fulfilling business, where not only I’m making an impact doing what I love, but I also enjoy my days, with plenty of time for walks out in nature, self care & travel.

 And I want this all for you too.

You have a mission to make an impact with your work. You deserve to earn well & enjoy your days as well as helping others! 

Introducing Thinking Into Results Business Mentorship

How it works?


Learn how to reprogram your business & money habits to match 6 & 7 Figures.


Learn to do what’s right vs what’s comfy. Learn from your mentor & from community of other entrepreneurs globally helping you grow with less hustle.


Connect with entrepreneurs from allover the world, having your back, cheering you on & supporting you to achieve your goal.

What’s Included in Thinking Into Results Mentorship

Lifetime access to Thinking Into Results digital program

  • a step by step formula to reprogram your mind for 6 & 7 Figures
  • designed by master teacher in manifestation & multiple streams of income, Bob Proctor

Live Group Mentoring Sessions

Live Group Mentorship Sessions with me – 60/90 minutes each week to give you the support, encouragement, and answers

Online Community Access

6 month access to an online community with 100s entrepreneurs globally studying the program, creating your own circle of influence to help you achieve your goals


Your go to Success Coach & Accountability Partner


Mastermind (brainstorm) sessions with other entrepreneurs in similar industry, helping you with strategies towards your goal

So my next question is…

if you keep doing exactly what you are doing right now where will you be in six months?

“Most people are not going after what they want. Even some of the most serious goal seekers and goal setters, they’re going after what they think they can get” Bob Proctor

Our Thinking Into Results Packages

You deserve to be here it’s time you stopped playing small and created the life of your dreams!


/Single Payment


/deposit then €1,600 p/m for 5 months


Ewa Pietrzak is an international business & mindset coach, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs live their best lives while making a global impact.

She is certified by Bob Proctor (The Secret) and the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Ewa is one of the top 1% consultants worldwide running her signature business mentorship program paired with Thinking Into Results. Ewa is originally from Poland, now lives in Spain.

She lives there with her finance and if you have followed Ewa you would know that she manifested her dream home & dream partner using the power of her mind! She works with clients internationally to help them achieve new levels of success both in business & personally.


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