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I used to self sabotage my success and now I know I’m more than enough to push through my fears and achieve what I want. Thinking Into Results is like holding a winning lottery ticket! I used to try organising inspirational events and now I did it. If you have a dream and you push through what you’re scared of, you can accomplish so much.


I used to be in prison of my own mind, I had a great job, money, friends but not fulfilling my dream. I dreamt of skiing and worked in finance full time. Now I’m moving country to be a professional ski instructor full time! Our dreams don’t have expiry date but our lives do.


I’ve been in sales since 2008 and I was used to working hard and pushing for things to happen. I was averaging about €6,000 in sales per month and in 6 months of doing Thinking Into Results I’ve earned €207,000 in commissioned sales! I also live in the home I dreamt of and I’m starting my own business.



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