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Paradigm Shift Livestream Interactive

11th October 2019 @ 10:00 pm - 13th October 2019 @ 10:00 pm

Paradigm Shift Livestream 11 Oct 19 Abundant Results

Livestream Content:

Do you ever FEEL like no matter what you do to change your habits, you revert back to where you started?

Do you ever commit to:

  • Doing more sales activities to increase your business?
  • Planning your work & working your plan?
  • Eating healthy & exercising to get that perfect body?

You start working on these habits and very soon you find something happens and you’re back to where you started?

I hear you…

Habits are challenging to change and yet, creating powerful habitual behaviours is the quickest way to permanent success in:

  • Your Business/Career
  • Your Finances
  • Your Health & Fitness
  • Your Relationships

Are you truly committed to permanent shift in your results and achieving your goals easier & quicker than ever before?

Then I’d love to invite you to a special online seminar where over 3 evenings & 2 weeks of replay, Bob Proctor voted the #1 prosperity expert in America & the star of ‘The Secret’ bestseller, will teach you how to eliminate any sabotaging habits & create new ones that make your success automatic!

Habits originate in our mind, in fact, 96-98% of what you do is controlled by what we call PARADIGMS, control mechanism in our mind that governs most of your behaviours despite what you’re intending to do. Since, in order to change your habits for good, you must learn to change them at the root cause – mentally. 

Check out his video below explaining the power of paradigms in detail:

If you’re truly committed to becoming the best YOU that you can ever become it’s time to take control of your habits.

Join us for 3 days of watching Bob Proctor’s ‘Paradigm Shift’ Live Event from the comfort of your home on Friday-Sunday 11-13th Oct evening (+2 weeks of replay) and you’re life will never be the same!

Here’s what you’ll get:

* 3 evenings of Bob delivering the content that will help you take control of your habits for life

* 3 evenings + 2 weeks after of inspiration & mentorship from one of Bob Proctor’s top Inner Circle Consultants globally, Ewa Pietrzak

* Interaction with global Facebook community of high achievers truly committed to Success & nothing less

Be sure to email us @ ewa@abundantresults.com with confirmation of your purchase so that we can connect you with our Facebook community and ensure you receive my mentorship for 2 weeks from the start of the livestream.

Looking forward to inspiring, mentoring you and celebrating your successes!


Ewa Pietrzak is a success coach and one of Bob Proctor’s top 4 consultants globally. She’s passionate about helping people step into their power and create the results they desire quickly and effectively. After many years of research and interest in personal development Ewa’s left an unfulfilling career in finance, multiplied her income doing what she truly loves and became one of Bob Proctor’s elite consultants globally. Now she’d love to share the tools with you so you can create the life you truly want.


Ewa Pietrzak
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