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How to grow your confidence in you & your business – Online Masterclass

31st March 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Are you feeling a bit anxious about the future of your business or your career in current economy?

Maybe some of your typical ways of earning have been cut off & you have ideas how to move your business online but you just can’t get yourself do it?

You’re thinking ‘will anyone buy’ or ‘what if I make mistakes’ or you simply freeze when it comes to doing the new

Do you have tendency to procrastinate with sales calls, follow up calls or prospecting? Maybe you’re worried about selling right now, given everything that’s happening… how do you sell at a time like this?

Do you second guess your decisions, looking for others advice on what you should do rather than following your gut?

Did you used to be successful in business and then something happened, maybe even recently, some emotional event like bad divorce, financial loss or loss of a loved one & it feels like you’ve lost your ‘success mojo’ & can’t get it back?

Do you compare yourself with others – watching them succeed with ease & you just can’t seem to move forward?

Here’s what I want you to know!

In the worst recessions there were 2 types of people – those who grew & prospered cause they would come up with new ways of doing their businesses, new services relevant to market needs & those who froze with the rest of society & watched their income & personal life deteriorate.

You can win in current economy and now, more than ever, you need CONFIDENCE to do so!

Join our Special Online Masterclass & learn how to break through all the fears & negative self talk & unleash what you’re truly capable of, in your sales, in your business, in new ways of doing business!

Join ‘How to grow your confidence in you & your business’ Masterclass


I’ve learnt over the years that confidence is an inside job. It’s those deep rooted thoughts you have that state who you are, what you’re capable of & how much you’re worth. And all of these are not created by accident. When you grow up surrounded by praise, you grow up confident. But if you have at least one person in your childhood or teen years who criticized you or demanded highly of you, you probably have that ‘Internal Critic’ inside which keeps telling you that you’re not good enough, others are better than you & places a lid on you in each area of life. Once you shift the internal, emotional self talk, you throw away the lid & finally, you see the real you, capable to move mountains & achieve what earlier was nearly impossible!

Here’s the thing:

You can win, even in uncertain times when you think right. This could be the most transformative time for you & your business AND achieving those personal goals like relationship or weight that you may have been putting off on the shelf cause you were too busy. There is nothing different about those super successful you see online or at top of the game in your field creating their dream lives, and you. The only reason they’re out there building their life by design while you feel stuck in your current reality is:

They have a different level of confidence and self worth!

What you’ll learn in our Masterclass:

• What’s confidence
• How to build it so that it’s never shaken even in uncertain times
• How to build it back up if you’ve lost it through certain emotional events such as loss of a job, business challenge, bad break up or other
• How to be the best version of you unstoppable in the face of economic challenges
• How to emerge as a winner in current economy, earn what you desire, make a difference with quality service to others

Who is this for:

• Upcoming or already entrepreneurs wishing to be unstoppable in their business
• Corporate employees who wish to set up a successful business

Why should you join:

• Cause you need to believe in you now more than ever
• Cause there are simple ways you can overcome any fears that make you procrastinate with selling, earning or providing online services
• Cause this can change your business & fulfilment like night & day & you’ll never feel that inner critic again

Register for ‘How to grow your confidence in you & your business’ Masterclass


Looking forward to seeing you there!

Ewa Pietrzak
Director of Abundant Results Coaching Ltd
Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant
10x Inner Circle Member
Circle of Excellence Member

I am a Success Mentor and one of Bob Proctor’s top 4 consultants globally. I am passionate about helping people step into their power and create the results they desire quickly and effectively. After many years of research and interest in personal development, I left an unfulfilling career in finance, multiplied my income doing what I truly love and became one of Bob Proctor’s elite consultants globally. Now I love to share the tools with you so you can create the life you truly want.


31st March 2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Ewa Pietrzak
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